Daily Journal


The Daily Journal is a tool to enable small and medium airports to collect day to day information about operations performed at the level of the shift log (or shift handover) and as part of the core airside operations (turnaround operations).


One of the main goal of the Daily Journal is supporting an organization to stay in line with ICAO Safety Management System Manual (2009) requirements and ISO 31000.

A holistic support of the necessary workflow for data collection on day to day key operations and possible issues around them, from shift handovers to key turnaround procedures.

The support of risk assessment and safety management of existing and planned operations, according to the aspects specified by the ICAO Safety Management System Manual (2009) The tool has proven to be able to deliver as a by product operations efficiency and focus of personnel on key tasks, and reduction of time required around documental and data management/reporting.



Electronic Checklists

Checklist for each flight, where for each operation executed is assigned a responsible, and the Real Time Tracking. 

The electronic checklist provides a better planning and coordination during the inspections scheduled for the company, to guarantee internal and legal compliances, helping to reduce the excessive cognitive workload and to share the information in real time.

Shift Handovers

This module is designed to reduce failures of communication, offering a complete and accurate information helping to reduce anomalies and human related issues, increasing the staff Involvement, the Planning and Monitoring to carry out a quick intervention.


The anomalies report is an easy and quick reporting system included into this module to improve the communication between different individuals

KPI’s – Daily Operational Review

Offers management an easy way to continuously monitor, ensuring that controls are effective and efficient, simultaneously, obtaining further information to improve risk assessment. This module also allows the option to analyse and learning lessons from events, changes, trends, successes, and failures.

Risk Register

A reporting tool for Risk Assessment and the latest strategies on Risk Management








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