About us

Tosca Solutions is campus company based in Trinity College Dublin to offer support for implementing risk management tools customised specifically to the needs of highly regulated environment.

We provide solutions to optimize core operations for safety critical activity achieving higher efficiency, productivity and total safety management. Tosca furnish this solution with the use of specific methods and tools developed internally and the solution is then sustainable for the client as mentoring and training on the methods and tools will enable the clients to support the continuous development process internally.

Learn more about our products visiting Daily Journal and Risk Register. And obtain more information about our Background.


Maria Chiara Leva, Founder & CEO

Chiara Leva is a Lecturer in Safety Management in DIT and has been working as a Human Factors Consultant since 2008. She is also a visiting Research Fellow in the Centre for Innovative Human systems in Trinity College Dublin. Her area of expertise is Human Factors and Safety Management Systems. Chiara holds a PhD from the Polytechnic of Milano Department of Industrial Engineering. She is the current chair of The Irish Ergonomics Society.

Fabio Mattei, Co Founder & CTO

Fabio Mattei is the lead software developer in the Centre for Innovative Human Systems in TCD and had previous experience as Software Development Consultant. He holds a degree in Software Engineering from University of Bologna and has extensive experience with objects oriented languages such as Java, Ruby, Python. He has worked in the optimization of informative systems and has experience with MySql and PostgreSQL. He has worked for over twenty years in web development.


Yilmar Builes, Safety Analyst

Yilmar Builes holds a Master degree in Chemical Engineering from Polytechnic University of Turin with experience on industrial chemistry and process simulation, designing, development and verification of complex products. More than 3 years experience on Human Factors, Safety Management Systems, and Project Management.

Andrea Fritella, Senior Software Developer

Andrea Fritella has more than ten years work experience as a Frontend/backend web developer. He worked on analysis and implementation of software solutions. Mainly using PHP and Javascript as main languages for web frontend/backend development, database and API design and mobile development (with Titanium Appcelerator, javascript framework). He has taken part in several activities with LUG (Linux User Group) and he works as a freelance IT consultant in collaboration with SINTAB SRL in Italy.