Tosca SolutionsBackground

Tosca Solutions is a proposed spin-out company from an EU sponsored research project in Trinity College Dublin. The research approached its natural conclusion and the intention of the Tosca Solutions team is to commercialize that research by starting up a spin-out company.

The Tosca Solutions team that has been involved in this start-up, has been intimately involved in the research project from its proposal phase through its conclusion. The TOSCA Project came to its natural conclusion at the end of February 2016. It is the goal of Tosca Solutions to fulfill the TOSCA project’s commercialization intent with this new start-up company.

The TOSCA (Total Operations Management for Safety Critical Activities) Project was conceived to research and develop methods and tools to assist European businesses in developing, planning and managing Safety Critical Activities. In the recent past, businesses of all sizes and across many industries have experienced mishaps, crises and accidents. Tragically, these events all too often result in harm to people.

The success of the TOSCA Project Case Studies have not only shown the effectiveness of these methods and tools, but also provided extremely valuable early user feedback. This feedback is currently being incorporated with the goal to have industrialized commercial software ready by the end of the TOSCA Project.

Tosca Solutions will provide solutions to optimize core operations for safety critical activity achieving higher productivity and total safety management. The company will provide this solution with the use of specific methods and tools developed internally and the solution is then sustainable for the client as mentoring and training on the methods and tools will enable the clients to support the continuous development process internally.

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